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Faults Service Details

Faults Service Details

web house cableTe Aponga Uira is a keen supporter of the philosophy of ‘prevention before cure’.  As we have maintained, a proactive approach is a good way to start with ensuring you are better-prepared when it comes to disruptions to your power.

Of course, TAU is responsible for restoring electricity should there be a total power outage at your premises.  We are committed to attending to faults that involve total electricity loss, if you are experiencing low voltage issues, and when there is any impairment to the distribution network – such as cable erosion and fallen lines, and substation damage.

When reporting a fault, please try to assist us by describing your power situation and circumstances as best you can.  The reason for this is that TAU is not responsible for only a partial power outage, whereby parts or sections of your premises still have power.  You will have to engage an electrical contractor to attend to these types of faults.

Should TAU be called out to attend to only a partial power outage, there will be a charge for the call out and the fault will still need to be seen to by a qualified electrician.  Therefore, by assisting us with as much information as possible, you may avoid an unnecessary penalty of a charge out fee.

Please phone us to report faults – but remember to provide us all the details you can about your situation so that we can do our best for you. Issued on 24 January 2012.