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Disposal of your appliances

Disposal of your appliances

web microwaveIn support of the broad efforts to control and manage our waste, including the current Taau Taku Tita programme, Te Aponga Uira has an interest in promoting the effective disposal of electrical appliances and equipment.  Our concern is to ensure that all customers are aware of the safe utilisation of electrical items, as well as the need to dispose of unwanted appliances in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.  Health and safety issues therefore begin in the home, and reach into the community and beyond with the added care for our environment.

As consumers, we all desire the convenience of modern tools and appliances.  Sometimes we opt for cheaper items whereas quality and long-lasting endurance are the determining factors in what we buy for our everyday use.  For whatever reason, the consumption levels of imported appliances have grown markedly over the years, along with the increasing need for the safe disposal of waste.  After all, any item that runs on electricity poses a potential threat to our environment if not dealt with responsibly.

Disposal options will basically fall into two broad areas of consideration:  whether an appliance can be recycled or reused; or whether it has reached the end of its working life and should be discarded.  If an item is destined for dumping, the main consideration is the element of toxicity.  For example, appliances with acids (computers and batteries) and gases (fridges and light bulbs) are a threat to our health if they break down and leach into the soil and ground water.  Where possible, the leads should be cut off (near the base) to render the appliance completely unusable.

While the huge consumption of electronic goods has added new impetus to the drive to recycle solid waste (e-waste), many of our other household appliances also require careful management in disposal.  Items like microwave ovens, toasters, electric jugs, irons, and fans, for instance, should all be separated out for collection.

Please dispose of all your unwanted electrical appliances in a responsible way and support the Taau Taku Tita programme!  Issued on 15 February 2012.