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There is a growing number of Electric Vehicle (EV) owners on Rarotonga and Te Aponga Uira (TAU) has recognised the opportunity to explore how charging stations may work for the customer on its network.  As a test project, TAU have launched their very first Standard Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the carpark at the TAU head office in Tutakimoa on 4th May 2017.  The intent is to collect information and build relationships with existing and potential owners that will help dictate the best fit for standard as well as fast chargers around Rarotonga, at the most sensible locations.  TAU would like to thank and acknowledge Vector (NZ) Limited for assistance with the thought process in setting up and sourcing the product and branding.

Given this is a test project, EV owners will enjoy charging at no cost for a trial 2 month period to 3rd July 2017.  During this trial period TAU will be taking on board feedback from customers and developing customer focused solutions which may mean trailing different ways customers may charge during this period.

EV owners are welcome to register to recharge their vehicles at the station during weekdays 9am to 3pm.  To kick off the test project, upon registering, EV owners will receive a starter pack including complimentary EV signed merchandise and taken through the process of how to use the charger by TAU staff.

EV owners, please note, you will need to provide TAU connection number and a form of identification when registering.  Please click into the link below to download the instructions and the terms and conditions of use for the EV charging station.

EV Owner Registration Information


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