CAPCON - Te Aponga Uira
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A capital cost is incurred when it is necessary to extend and/or augment the distribution network to connect a new customer’s electrical installation.  This capital cost is not fully covered in the energy charge for the electricity supply.

Where an extention (new line) or augmentation (upgrade) of the low voltage network is needed to connect a customer, Te Aponga Uira policy is to contribute to the cost on the basis of one half of of one span (pole to pole) of distribution line for each new customer connected.

If the supply requirements to the new customer(s) cannot be provided from the existing low voltage network, it will be necessary to augment the network or install a new substation.  A capital contribution will be required from the customer(s) towards the costs involved.

Therefore, the prospective customer(s) must provide the additional finance necessary to undertake any network line or substation work required to provide their electricity supply.  To find out the details, download the CapCon Policy, and contact our Customer Services on 20054.