TAU gets electric vehicles - Te Aponga Uira
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TAU gets electric vehicles

TAU gets electric vehicles

electric vehicleTe Aponga Uira is banking on sustainable energy to drive its business.

This commitment is reflected by the 16% contribution that renewable generation currently makes to the Rarotonga electricity supply.  By 2018, TAU expects this proportion to reach 40% as more solar panel connections sprout on rooftops around the island.  The target of course is 100% renewable by 2020 in line with government energy targets.

A decision to adopt affordable and clean renewable energy solutions to replace or supplement fossil fuel naturally led to interest in electric vehicles.

At the end of 2015, TAU announced that it would be replacing its vehicle fleet with electric vehicles.

In April 2016, TAU took delivery of six electric vehicles (two pickups, two vans and two bikes) imported from China.

An electric charging facility will be built under the TAU car park roofing solar panels which can then turn sunlight into electricity.  The charging facility which is expected to be completed by September will be available to the small but growing numbers of Rarotonga’s electric car owners free of charge.

CEO Apii Timoti acknowledged their leadership in renewable energy is creating public interest and he was willing to share their experience with others interested in replicating TAU’s example.

“It’s a developing technology that can only improve and get more affordable.  We are willing to share our experience and if others can benefit from that it’s all good, hopefully we can be the guinea pig for others to follow”

(Cook Islands Herald – July 2016)