Renewable Energy contributes 16% of Rarotonga power - Te Aponga Uira
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Renewable Energy contributes 16% of Rarotonga power

Renewable Energy contributes 16% of Rarotonga power

TAU’s commercial manager Dallas Young told a climate change meeting in Rarotonga recently that the contribution at June 2016 from renewable energy to the electric power supply was 16% and that TAU is targeting to increase this to 40% by 2018.  The eventual aim of TAU is to achieve the government’s renewable energy goal of 100% by 2020.


Young said that 50% of solar farms on Rarotonga were owned by the private sector, and noted that future energy supply would likely come from various sources besides solar, such as bio fuel and wind energy.


The growth in solar connections has resulted in Rarotonga’s grid reaching its limit of connected unrestrained generation at 3.3MW.  This meant that additional renewable will require investments in grid support assets to maintain reliability.  TAU is aiming for a centralised energy efficient system that is fed by different energy sources to sustain energy demands on Rarotonga.


Future TAU initiatives include installing EV charging stations to accommodate electric vehicles, a support grid for wind turbine and bio fuel energy.  These future developments will require public private partnership investments.


TAU is also looking into the adoption of smart metering which would enable customers to check their energy usage.


(from Climate Change newsletter for June 2016 published by Office of the Prime Minister)