Hydro team visits - Te Aponga Uira
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Hydro team visits

Hydro team visits


A team from Hydro Tasmania has just made a visit to Rarotonga.

The company , which is the primary electricity generator in the Australian state of Tasmania, has been asked by Te Aponga Uira to write a plan preparing the way forward for further penetration of renewable energy on the island’s electricity grid.

New renewable generator connections are currently on hold on Rarotonga because of fears they would affect the safety and reliability the Rarotonga electrical grid due to rises in levels of solar intermittency.  The process of connecting renewable generators began in 2009 with net-metering and accelerated after 2014 through gross-metering and independent power production (IPP).

Te Aponga has contracted Hydro Tasmania to develop a plan titled Stage 2: Rarotonga Renewable Energy Implementation Plan to 2020 and Beyond for Te Aponga to consider.  Te Aponga wants the plan to spell out options and their cost.

The completion of the plan is anticipated to occur in January 2017.

While in Rarotonga for two to three weeks, the Hydro team gave presentations on various subjects, including batteries, smart grids, bio-fuel and wind. They also drew on their vast experience in developing island hybrid system utilities such as on King and Flinders islands.  Team leader, Ray Massie, and engineers Dusan Nikolic and Ahsan Latheef returned to Hobart last weekend.  Renewable energy engineer David Butler will return to Hobart this coming weekend.