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For new tenants intending to build, there are procedures that must be followed before power can be made available, both for your builder and for permanent connection.

1. Please visit our office in the first instance. It will save time if you bring with you information relating to where you intend to build, an estimate of your power requirement (your electrician can do this for you) and a survey site plan for your project.

2. You will be given an estimated cost and may be required to pay for a quotation fee of $50 (refundable if the work proceeds) if you need a firm quote. Please note that this estimate is just an ESTIMATE.

3. When you accept the firm quote you will then be required to make a formal application for power and pay the necessary fees (available in our brochures) and other agreed costs. Please note that TAU will need sufficient time to do the work, depending on the amount of work required (available in our brochures). All costs must be paid before any work can begin.

4. TAU work only involves the installation of the Main Line, which runs along the public right of way and stops at the last pole/pillar box near your boundary. TAU also makes the connection of the service main cable (the cable that is between the pole and the meter box).

5. You will need to find an electrician to carry out the electrical installation work in your house and the service main cable. You can look this up in the Yellow Pages.

6. You will also need to ensure that an Electrical Inspector’s permit is obtained from the Energy Division. An approval from Energy is absolutely essential before TAU can turn your power on.

If you have any queries please contact our office to obtain the required brochure or to simply discuss your situation.