About Our Company - Te Aponga Uira
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About Our Company



Installing the first panel at Rarotonga Airport solar farm

Installing the first panel at Rarotonga Airport solar farm


Te Aponga Uira (TAU) is responsible for the generation, distribution and retailing of electricity on the island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands.  The power utility provides 90% of the Cook Islands electricity demand.

TAU, as a Government Business Enterprise takes its lead for the direction of its strategic operations aligned to the policy directives of the Government of the Cook Islands as its sole shareholder. These policy directives are clearly set out with regards to the uptake of renewable energy in the Cook Islands with oversight by the Energy Commissioner who is also a member of the Board of Directors. These policies are articulated in the following national documents

  • Cook Islands Renewable Electricity Chart
  • Cook Islands Renewable Energy Implementation Plan and subsequent updates
  • National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020
  • Other policies

All the above documents seek a conversion to renewably sourced electricity by 2020.  TAU has taken great strides to develop the base for a high renewable future.  It is at a point now where it must determine the optimised next investment forward over a medium term timeframe beyond the current capacity of the grid.  Stage II: Rarotonga Renewable Energy Implementation Plan to 2020 and Beyond will set out both the technical and commercial requirements of a high renewable penetration for Rarotonga whist maintaining quality and reliability of supply.  This planning document will be released in October 2016 and with it the restructuring of systems to accommodate a progression towards governments ultimate goal for 2020.

It is well acknowledged the cost of electricity needs to be minimised, with significant investments to be taken over the next few years, concessional financing is required to meet Government’s goal to minimise impact on electricity consumers in the Cook Islands.


Our Mission

In partnership with our stakeholders, we will provide a safe, reliable and cost effective energy service that is dominated by affordable and clean renewable energy solutions

Our Vision

To be a leading energy service provider in the region

Our Core Activities

Our success is determined by measures and indicators revealed through our Core Activities, which are described below.

  • Purchase as well as generate reliably sourced clean energy to match customer demands.
  • Utilise diesel efficiently and safely to generate electricity at a quality matching customer needs.
  • Maintain and control the grid network to transport electricity safely and reliably from generation source to new and existing customers matching their needs.
  • Retail electricity to the customer through metering, tariffs and payment options.
  • Financial management and processes.
  • Human resource management.
  • Project management.
  • Information Communication Technology systems and management.
  • Communications and relationships management.
  • Corporate responsibility.

Our Values

The following list of values reflects the set of beliefs and principles that is truly important to TAU as a company. They underpin everything the company does:

Leaders in quality

We appreciate and celebrate the difference that reliable, efficient, cost effective and safe energy services can make to the quality of one’s life.

A responsible employer

Our success depends on the collective energy and talents of all our team members. We strive to create an environment in which all our staff can flourish and excel.  We value effort and reward results.

Commercially focused

In order that we provide good value to our stakeholders and hence, a safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective service, we must remain financially viable both day to day and over the decades ahead. Not only must the wages and loan repayments be met on time, but the organization must accumulate reserves against future investments needed for infrastructure maintenance, repair and expansion.

Good corporate citizen

We strive to always act responsibly, safely and as a good corporate citizen with due regard to the laws and regulations of the country, the concerns of the community, the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of our resources. We must set good examples and standards that others may aspire to. We support the community and the environment through our commitment to safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective energy services and adopting affordable and clean renewable energy solutions to replace fossil fuel.  We endeavor to provide uninterrupted power for people dependent on medical devices powered by electricity.

Deliver with professionalism

We are a mission-driven company that aims to set standards of excellence for delivery of energy products and service.  We are building a business in which high standards infuse all aspects of our company.

In the course of our business we will be dealing with a range of people, including our shareholders, suppliers and anyone who maybe seeking information or assistance from us. We must ensure that we are professional, fair and honest in our dealings with them, irrespective of status or who they are. We must deliver our service as we promised, with professionalism.

Builder of partnerships

Our partners are our allies in serving the interests of our other stakeholders by bringing the safest, most reliable and cost effective energy products and services available to the market.

We have a range of stakeholders (Government as our shareholder, people of Rarotonga as our customers, our suppliers who provide the products and services we require in order to run our business, our employees who provide the skills we require, Cook Islands Investment Corporation (CIIC) with whom we work to provide favourable outcomes for Government, and a host of organizations, associations and businesses such as the Pacific Power Association, Vector and MPower (NZ), Government ministries and agencies, our major customers, training providers Aurora Energy, Northpower, ESAA etc) and for us to succeed we must work together with them.

Domestically, it is to the benefit of all our stakeholders, including the Rarotonga community, to have an effective working partnership between TAU, Infrastructure Cook Islands and Telecom Cook Islands to improve the efficiency of the delivery of shared services, including road excavation for cable installation and the under-grounding of overhead power lines.

A business partnership that involves understanding the needs of one another, listening to one another, treating one another with respect will bring efficient cooperation and success for all.